Spa Services Specialist


Diana Rafailova, RD, CDN

Nutritionist located in Brooklyn, NY

Spa services enhance your weight-loss efforts by improving the look and tone of your skin. At NutriD in Brooklyn, New York City, registered dietitian Diana Rafailova provides wraps and scrubs to help tone, lift, and tighten your skin. Call the office to make an appointment for one of these rejuvenating treatments, or use the online booking agent.

Spa Services Q & A

How do wraps and scrubs enhance weight loss?

Full body wraps stimulate circulation and moisturize your skin. They also enhance function of your lymphatic system, which is your natural way of flushing away inflammatory toxins and metabolic waste. These wraps complement fat loss achieved through a healthy diet and laser and ultrasound treatments, such as UltraShape and Velashape.

Scrubs enhance the look of skin dimpled with cellulite or skin that appears wrinkled or saggy due to aging and loss of tone. During application, the scrubs can help break down the fat structure contributing to cellulite and soften the appearance of your tissue.

Wraps and scrubs contain ingredients that promote healthy, vibrant-looking skin and encourage improvements in elasticity and skin strength. These spa services enhance the positive effects of weight loss and healthy eating.

What wrap options are available?

At NutriD, you can experience a variety of different wraps, depending on your desired results. Your first entrée into wraps might be the starter wrap, which stimulates microcirculation, nerve endings, and the lymphatic system to tone, energize, and relax you.

Diana also offers a hard cellulite wrap, which is created to solve issues related to the most advanced stages of fibrous cellulite. A soft cellulite wrap is another specially-formulated version that targets dimply fat tissue that appears swollen.

You may also choose a lifting body wrap to address the most delicate parts of a woman’s body -- the breasts and décolleté. Boost these areas that have lost fullness or firmness due to aging or weight loss.

What scrub options can improve my appearance?

At NutriD, choose from a couple of different body-enhancing scrub options.

You might opt for the Himalayan body polish massage, which uses a 100% pure Himalayan salt stone to promote a host of health benefits:

  • Blood sugar and blood pressure regulation
  • Improved circulation
  • Stimulation of the muscles and respiratory system

Diana also offers an organic coffee scrub that contains ground coffee beans and caffeine. These ingredients reduce cellulite, as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring. External application of coffee allows your body to absorb the antioxidants directly through the skin for optimal benefit.

*Individual results may vary